About Ankur Institute Of Child Health

Ankur institute of child health is a dedicated pediatric hospital run by very renowned senior pediatrician and academicians - Dr Raju C Shah and Dr Pratima Shah. It is a level III Pediatric and Neonatal care hospital. It is situated in the centre of the city on the main road, which is easily approchable to patients belonging to city as well as those coming from outsite. Neonatal intensive care having 13 beds is a state of art 'Neonatal Nursery' with advanced facilities of Ventilations, Multipara monitoring, Oxygen therapy as well as critical care. It has facilities to give surfactant therapy, peritoneal dialysis as well as parenteral nutrition. It has a unique air ventilation system of lamella flow with micro filters of 0.3 micron.

Pediatric intensive care haveing 7 beds is also centrally air-conditioned with air filtering unit of 5 micron filters. It has facilities of Ventilation, central venous monitoring, multipara monitoring as well as all facilities related to critical care including peritoneal dialysis, Neurology etc.

Hospital has specious special rooms, semi special rooms as well as general beds. It also has playing area and refreshment area for parents and relatives.

Hospital provides round the clock emergency medical services, Laboratory services, portable X-ray and portable sonography services. Qualified and trained pediatricians are on duty to take care of any type of emergency all 24x7. Two senior pediatricians of more than 25 years clinical and academic experience are giving their consulting services regularly.