Pediatric Intensive Care ( PICU )

The PICU is the section of the hospital that provides sick children with the highest level of medical care. It differs from other parts of the hospital, like the general medical floors, in that the PICU allows intensive nursing care and monitoring things like heart rate, breathing, and blood pressure continuously.
The PICU also allows medical staff to provide therapies that might not be available in other parts of the hospital. Some of these more intensive therapies include ventilators (breathing machines) and certain medications that can be given only under close medical supervision.
Kids in the PICU might include those with severe breathing problems from asthma, serious infections, certain heart conditions, some complications of diabetes, or those involved in a serious automobile accident or near-drowning.


Conventional Ventilation
High Frequency Ventilation
High flow Nasal Cannula
Multipara monitors with IBP
Peritoneal dialysis
Central O2
Syringe pump
Infusion Pump
In house Neurosonography and ECHO