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Do you have an ambulance service?

Do you have an ambulance service? Yes, we have an ambulance service 24*7 available.

What are the facilities available in the hospital ?

Our Hospitals is provided with state-of-the-art expertise and world-class facilities to offer high-quality services and treatments at one place.

What if I have to cancel my appointment ?

Sometimes the unexpected happens and you need to cancel your appointment make sure you call us or email us 1 day before your appointment.

Why should my child get vaccinated ?

Getting vaccinated can help keep your child from getting sick. If your child does get sick, being vaccinated can keep them from getting severely ill. Plus, being vaccinated also helps protect the people around your child from getting sick.

Are vaccine side effects dangerous ?

Any vaccine can cause side effects. Usually, these side effects are minor — a low-grade fever, fussiness and soreness at the injection site.