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Vaccination is very important to develop immunity for kids. Keep it regular.

Childhood vaccines are a source of reassurance . Protecting your child against disease naturally helps you sleep better at night  but also anxiety about side effects and reactions.

Have you ever wondered why babies get vaccines starting from the day they're born? One big reason: the youngest of us need the protection the most. It's also the time in your child's development that their immune system works best with the vaccine.

Immunizing helps to protect the health of our community as well, especially those who can’t be immunized, like very young kids or those who can’t for medical reasons.

Childhood vaccines protect children from a variety of serious or potentially fatal diseases, including diphtheria, measles, mumps, rubella, polio, tetanus, whooping cough and others.

Any vaccine can cause side effects. Usually, these side effects are minor — a low-grade fever, fussiness and soreness at the injection site.